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    Laser Refinement - Refined Magnesium

    Magnesium chloride is chemically turned into magnesium oxide.  Using a 43-sq.-ft. (4 sq m) plastic Fresnel lenses focuses the sunlight into lasers and sends it down microscopic fibers. The fibers help concentrate the light – and heat – onto the magnesium oxide particles inside a vacuum tank. The result is refined magnesium.


    The desalination system of water is based on the evaporation of fine droplets under 100 degree Centigrade and 1 atmospheric pressure. Therefore the system is economically constructed. In addition, the device is driven either by solar energy or waste heat. Unique heating system by solar energy efficiently produces high temperature condition for evaporation.

    About Oil Shale

    Resources, Mining, Processing

    • What is Oil Shale?

      Oil shale is a fine-grained sedimentary rock that contains significant amounts of a hydrocarbon called kerogen. When heated and processed, …

    • Oil Shale Technology

      Shell owns three (3) of the 160-acre Research, Demonstration, and Development (RD&D) leases located on BLM lands. Shell is working   …

    • Oil Shale - Energy

      You may have heard statements like “it takes more energy to produce oil shale than it provides as a fuel” or even that “a potato has more energy than oil shale.” 

    Ever Globe Partners

    E.G. Partners

    E.G. Partners is constantly developing new technologies for environmentally friendly mining and carbonless metal extraction. Conventional mining harms the environment drastically; plus, metals are extracted from their naturally existing ores upon reduction with coke. This process yields huge amounts of greenhouse gases. E.G. Partners is one of the pioneers of economically feasible green mining and metal reduction technologies.


    Magnesium is fuel

    Magnesium is light and strong metal. Its density is a quarter of that of iron, two-thirds of aluminum. It is also a very good conductor of heat. Another notable property of magnesium is that it is highly reactive. When magnesium meets water, it burns fiercely. Magnesium is no less flammable to hydrogen. Compared for the same volume, magnesium is heavier than hydrogen. However, hydrogen requires a sturdy tank, and it might leak from the tank in case of

    Magnesium fuel cell

    Magnesium can also be used as a fuel for fuel cells. A lot of laboratories are developing a metal-air battery, such as zinc, aluminium, iron, lithium and magnesium. It is a battery which uses oxidizing properties between metal and oxygen. An ordinary battery needs cathode active and anode active.

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